Sunday, April 17, 2016

Over the weekend, the University of Kentucky had their stunting clinic. There are many very talented girls and boys that attend these clinics. Many, have future goals to attend the UK and cheer so just for fun. Last fall I went to the clinic and learned many new skills and improved. These clinics are strictly tumbling and stunting. They try any stunt you would be willing to try also. Everyone is separated into groups and you are timed at each group of cheerleaders. Also another important thing that takes place is if you are a senior, the Kentucky cheerleaders watch you and write down notes. If they think you are good enough you can get a bid to try out for their team for the following season. You have to have a bid to tryout for their team. Their try out process is extremely intense and difficult to make. But if you have the skills and the talent to be great at something, go big or go home.

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