Sunday, April 3, 2016

First, you're in the back watching all the teams warm up. Then it's you teams turn. First, you stretch, then jumps, then tumbling, then stunts. You see all the other teams watching and you try to show off a little bit. Finally you are next. Your emotions are going crazy, you're happy but your sad. You're excited but your nervous. You grab hands in a circle for your last team pep talk, which always leaves you almost in tears. You're team prays. Then you find your self standing in line behind this big curtain, thinking of how blessed you are to be a part of their cheerleading careers. You walk through the curtain and the lights hit you. You can't see anything but you can hear everyone screaming and cheering your name. (Cheerleading competitions are so weird cheerleaders cheering for cheerleading lol what?) Finally the anncouncer says, "paris you may take the floor. " At this point you can't feel your body. But then the music starts and everything goes away, you hit everyone motion, stunt, and tumbling pass. Then it's all over, you just hit a perfect routine. Your laying on the mat hugging your team yes and crying because of what you just did. Then reality hits you the smiles turn to tears. You find yourself never wanting to leave that mat. The feeling of a state final cheer competition just can't be put into words.

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